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Elemental Forces at Your Command!Three Legendary Pokémon ex of the Johto region combine their powers in this exciting collection! Soar above the rainbow with Ho-Oh ex, dive deep below the waves with Lugia ex, and...
Pokemon: 2023 Paldea Partners Tin
Features NOTE: Includes only 1 tin. Selection is random. Style and color may vary. Specific item is not guaranteed. Battle it out with friends to see who comes out on top. Use critical thinking and...
Release: 04.14.23 Enter the Pokémon Stadium—Ready for Battle!Build two decks with a friend—and then play right away! This Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Stadium contains a massive set of cards,including two Build...
Pokemon: Armarouge ex Premium Collection Box
Armarouge ex Turns Up the Flames of Battle Armarouge ex’s armor is said to be the source of its incredible strength—but all those who underestimate its firepower will surely get burned!With a powerful Ability and...
Pokemon: Grafaiai ex Box
$15.99 $21.99
If you notice a colorful pattern painted on tree trunks as you walk through the forest, you might have wandered into Grafaiai’s territory! This Toxic Monkey Pokémon makes use of its poisonous saliva to take...
Pokemon: Mabostiff ex Box
Play Like a Boss—with Mabosstiff ex!Mabosstiff is usually gentle, but it can appear intimidating while protecting its allies! Join forces with this loyal Pokémon and deliver a daunting blow to your opponents. You’ll find Mabosstiff...
Pokemon: Dragonite VSTAR Premium Deck Holder Collection
Bonus Challenge! Catch Dragonite VSTAR! An epic Raid Battle brings mighty rewards: a powerful Dragonite VSTAR for your collection and a Premier Ball holder for your favorite deck! With a VSTAR Power that shares loads...
Release: 04.14.23 Begin a New Adventure with Pokémon ex!Set out for a journey in the Paldea region! Meet first partners Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly, and explore the power of the Legendary Pokémon Koraidon and Miraidon...

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