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Release: 03.24.23 The first Mega Deck Set in the Digimon Card Game themed around the fan favorite Beelzemon! All cards are silver foil, and the deck is more powerful than the regular starter deck set,...
Digimon: Animal Colosseum Booster Box EX-05
RELEASE DATE: January 19, 2024 ❶ The popular Four Sovereigns are included as ACE cards!All four can be used as the key card when building a deck. Huanglongmon, the embodiment of earth, is also included...
Digimon: Exceed Apocalypse Booster Box [BT15]
5 popular Digimon from Digimon Adventure now have the power of ACE!4 popular Tamers including Matt from the Digimon Adventure anime not included in BT14 are here! 5 of their partner Digimon such as WereGarurumon are also included with...
Digimon: Double Pack Set Vol. 1 [DP-01]
❶ 2023 brings a new Digimon Card Game product format with a low price!In addition to Booster Sets, this year we're launching a new product format with an attractive low price!New releases are scheduled at...
Digimon: Resurgence Booster - Booster Box RB-01
This set is expected to release: 09.29.23 Includes multiple reprints based on fan requests! Plus all cards are foil cards!This is a special Reboot Booster set composed of reprinted cards + new cards like the...
Long awaited characters from the Digimon Adventure 02 anime (2000), are now here! Cards from this set work perfectly together with two Starter Decks being released at the same time! Character that boasts top-class popularity...
❶ A Double Pack Set for BT15!Just like DP01 for BT14, DP02 has the same specifications and release period as BT15!❷ Includes 2 BT15 booster packs plus 1 exclusive alt-art card!1 exclusive alt-art card from...
60 sleeves per pack. Each display contains an assortment of 4 different styles.  
Digimon: Classic Collection - EX01 - 3 Booster Packs
①The Digimon Card Game Classic Collection is a booster set featuring brand new card text with classic Digital Monster artwork! Whether you’re a new Digimon fan or grew up with the original Digital Monsters in...
Digimon: Dragon of Courage Starter Deck ST-15
A deck built around the massively popular Tai and WarGreymon!It’s ready for battle and built focused around the newest game mechanic! Content • one (1) Constructed Deck (54 cards) • two (2) Memory Gauge
Digimon: Wolf of Friendship Starter Deck ST-16
This deck contains the fan-favorite duo of Matt and Garurumon!It’s ready for battle and built focused around the newest game mechanic! Content • one (1) Constructed Deck (54 cards) • two (2) Memory Gauge
A pre-constructed deck themed around the fan-favorite Imperialdramon Dragon Mode! This deck includes Blue and Green multicolor cards which can be powered up with Set 8 -New Hero-! Content • one (1) Constructed Deck (54...

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