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Newly designed deck case, sleeves, and four boosters at a great price! Perfect for the holidays!Contains: x4 Mythic Booster Packs x1 Card Sleeve Set (66 sleeves) x1 Deck Case
Release Date: 12.01.2023 [Rarity]• Common ×60 (normal/holo ver.)• Uncommon ×30 (normal/holo ver.)• Rare ×29 (normal/holo ver.)• Super Rare ×18• Special Rare ×14• Secret Rare ×3• God Rare ×1• *294 types total4 booster packs + 2 Exclusive PR...
❶ AN OVERWHELMING VOLUME WITH A TOTAL OF OVER 100 CARDSA total of 104 limited-edition cards! And more than 90 of them are new cards, which makes this lineup even more powerful! All cards are...

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